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Transmission Repair


Reliable Service from ASE Certified Professionals

Transmission Fluid Change

Our ASE Certified technicians are experienced and skilled specialists who use their knowledge and top-notch diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot, so that you save time and money.

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The transmission system of your vehicle is one of the most intricate and expensive components in your car. The function of your transmission is to direct power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels, (front traction of 4x4 all wheel tires traction) which allows your car to move. 

Usually small problems with your transmission can quickly escalate into significant — and costly — repairs.
At the first sign of trouble, trust one of our ASE Certified transmissions expert to give you an educated guess on your issue and the most optimal solution. 

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Minor and Major Problems

Some common minor transmission problems include: defective solenoids, throttle cable adjustment, fluid change, and flushing out sludge and grime.

And some major components to fix are: clutch, bands, torque converter and valve body. 

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Our Transmission service includes:

  • Drain transmission fluid

  • Remove and clean the oil pan

  • Inspect the fluid condition, evidence of metal or clutch lining material in pan and any evidence of sludge

  • Full transmission flush if needed*

  • Remove, clean and replace the filter

  • Check and adjust the bands and controls

  • Refit the pan, using a new gasket

  • Fill the transmission to the recommended level with new transmission fluid of the correct type

  • Check for leaks and wear on seals and hoses

  • Test to check working of serviced auto trans.

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Preventative Transmission Tips

  • Slipping transmission

  • Low transmission fluid

  • Abnormal noises and smells

  • Warning lights or Check Engine lights

  • Trouble shifting gears

  • Loss of power or vehicle is non operable

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  • Regular, seasonal maintenance 

  • Always use your emergency or parking brake when parking

  • Don't shift while the car is moving

  • Vehicles that run hot may damage not only your engine, but also your transmission

  • Towing beyond your vehicle's weight capacity

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